Night Time Cloth Diapering

Well, we’ve been having some issues with our night time cloth diapering solution(s) not working so great for our super heavy wetter. So, we’re trying something new. Tonight we are trying a Happy Heinys Stacinator fleece cover over a Happy Heinys Hemp fitted diaper, stuffed with a Sugar Peas bamboo insert and two large bumGenius microfiber inserts. Needless to say, our little guy looks about 3 sizes bigger! Seems excessive, but I’m trying the too much first and then we can pare back. Or at least, I hope this will work as he keeps waking up super early from diaper leaks. Even with *evil* sposies on too. Oh I’ve tried, so let’s see how this works tonight! I’ll report back in the morning.

Rowan stuffed for Night #1

Rowan ready for Night #1 of new cloth diapering solution

Would love to hear what works for your little one for overnight! Suggestions and solutions are always appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Night Time Cloth Diapering

  1. We were able to solve our night time super soaker (a boy also) with the bumGenius 3.0 stuffed with the regular liner and two stay-dry liners. Luckily this seemed to just be a phase that didn’t last too long. Now we just use the regular insert with one stay-dry insert. Hope you find something that works for you soon! Sleep is a precious thing!

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