Night Time Cloth Diapering – take 3

He pooped. Yup, that’s right, he pooped again. But this time about an hour after going to sleep. So, that ended our real first night of our new cloth diapering solution where he actually fell asleep in it. I think R is doing this on purpose. He knows we are trying to figure this out, find a cloth diaper solution that also allows us to sleep the entire night. Well, we’ll try again tonight!

In addition to what we are already trying to try, I’ve ordered a fitted Nifty Nappy and Woolie Wrap from

The Flying High Nifty Nappy I've ordered for R! What a cute pattern!

Vilate is a WAHM in Utah that makes “bullet-proof” yet very slim fitting fitteds & covers that are great for overnight. Every review I’ve read has been super positive. Looking forward to trying it out! She has a 15% off sale through the month of January, use code “newnappy” and let her know that I sent you! Unfortunately she doesn’t wholesale, or I would be offering them (after testing of course) here at the Little Monkey Store.


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