Testing a New Night Time Solution – The Bullet

It’s arrived! Our custom made night time diaper! The Happy Heinys hemp fitted under a Stacinator cover with a bamboo and a microfiber insert (wow, that was a mouthful!) worked well enough but was really bulky. It just looked ridiculous it was so bulky! Plus, it then caused us pajama fitting problems. So, we started looking for an alternative night time solution. I turned to my fellow cloth diapering mamas on Twitter to find out what everyone else is using. I kept on hearing about this particular fitted diaper and wool cover combo made by this great SAHM in Utah. I was hesitant. I was nervous about using a wool cover as the rumour on wool is that it is high maintenance. But, I read a ton of reviews and this combo has been called bullet-proof by every single person that has used it and reviewed it. I even talked to the woman that makes them. So, I bit the bullet (ha-ha, couldn’t resist) and ordered one.

Each diaper and cover are custom made. You pick the fabric outer for the diaper. The cover is two layers of wool. The great part of the cover is that it is an upcycled wool sweater. You let her know whether you want boy/girl/gender neutral and she picks an appropriate cover to send. The best part is that no one else will have a cover like yours!

The diaper combo arrived yesterday and I spent most of yesterday prepping it. The diaper needed to be washed 4 – 5 times to wash out the hemp oil so it becomes extra absorbent. The cover needed nothing done to it as wool only needs to be washed once per month! Wow! Just hang to dry in the morning and it’ll be ready for the next night. So tonight is night one with the “bullet”.

We’ll let you know over the next few days how it works for us! You just may be seeing them in our store soon!

Here’s a couple pics:

Someone getting his new fitted diaper put on!

I love this fabric pattern! He even has a bib that matches!

Daddy trying to figure out all the snaps...

ta-da! The custom wool cover! I love the tree!


6 thoughts on “Testing a New Night Time Solution – The Bullet

  1. Can you post some details on the woman you ordered from?
    I am really liking my Babyology wool soakers at the moment but fear my 17 lb 3 month will need something more bullet-proof as he gets older.

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