Dancing in the Streets!

We are dancing in the streets this morning! Oh how I love references to 80s music! We are in love with our new night time diapering solution! 12.5 hours, that’s right 12.5 hours and no leaks! I woke up this morning to Rowan chatting away in his crib, and I lay in bed thinking to myself “please please please I hope this worked.” Or as my husband pointed out, “why do we always try new night time solutions when it’s my night!?” So I got up and hesitantly walked into Rowan’s room.

He was on his stomach, which means guaranteed diaper leak. I turned him over and felt the outside of his sleep sack. Dry. Ok, next step. I unzipped the sleep sack and felt all over his jammies. Dry. So far so good. I picked him up and took him over to the change table and stripped him down to his diaper. The wool cover was dry! I took the cover off and the inside was dry! At this point I’m getting really excited and hollering for my husband to run, he must come here and check this out! This is where I admit both my husband and I are big cloth diaper geeks! He came running. We then checked out the fitted, the outside was slightly damp, I took it off and it was soaked! The fitted diaper weighed a ton! This is the best cloth diaper for overnight we have ever tried. And, it’s not bulky. It is better than even the so-called “12 hour” disposable diapers!

WOW!!!!! We love our Nifty Nappy Woolie Wrap combo! They aren’t available at retailers (yet), but I am going to twist Vitale’s arms and hopefully bring them into Canada!


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