New products coming soon!

We’ve been hard at work sourcing out some new products and testing a few to add to our store. Bummis PrefoldsWe’ve been on what we call “the great prefold hunt”. Prefolds are popular, particularly for the infant stage when little ones grow so quickly. We’ve checked out a few brands and have chosen a great Canadian brand of organic 100% cotton prefolds. They come to us from Bummis which is located in Montreal. For those of you not familar with prefolds, here’s a few reasons why they are a great and incredibly inexpensive cloth diaper:

  • 100% soft and natural, organic fabric against baby’s skin
  • Easy to clean and wash, and quick to dry!
  • Very, very absorbent
  • Less likely to retain odours

Another great thing about prefolds is that they are versatile. You can use them as a diaper, a burp pad, a stuffer for pocket diapers and when you’re done with them, rags for cleaning! Imagine doing that with a pocket or all-in-one diaper!

Super Whisper Wrap: Froggy PondThe next new product we are bringing in are the Super Whisper Wraps. They are great waterproof covers for prefolds or fitted diapers. We will be carrying them in all the great patterns as well as white.

Finally, after many requests we will be carrying Bio-liners, they are disposable biodegradable liners that are septic system safe. They come in two sizes and are great for when you’re out and about or at home and don’t have a diaper sprayer. Dump the liner (and baby poop) in toilet and you’re done! Very handy. You can also use them to line your cloth diapers when you have to use some diaper ointment too.

These should be arriving in the next week and will be ready to ship (or pickup) right away!

If there are any products you love or would like to try and we don’t carry yet, let us know! We can always special order and are always on the lookout for new products to add.


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