Summer is almost here…

For those of us that live in the Vancouver area, it is not only crazy with Olympic fever, but we have been having amazing weather all week. So amazing that I was out in a t-shirt and flip flops (pants too 😀 ) yesterday! How is that for February 20th?

Cherries Swim DiaperSo with all the amazing weather we’ve been having, I’ve been thinking about swimming, which in my cloth diaper loving mind means swim diapers! The Little Monkey Store will now be carrying the Monkey Doodlez swim diapers. These are a personal favourite of ours, Rowan loves his Tully Turtle for his swim lessons, and they are made in Canada. We are going to be placing our swim diaper order this Puffy Blowfish Swim Diaperweek, so pop by our website and place your pre-order now! We’ve loaded up ALL the pattern options so you can pick exactly what you want for our order. Just a warning, we won’t actually be carrying all the patterns (there are soooo many), so make sure you order now and we will get in the one you want just for your little one.

Plus, we will be offering free shipping on all pre-ordered swim diapers!


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