What about the washing machine?

The lonely washing machine. We expect so much of it, yet it spends all its time by itself in dark and eerie basements, or closed behind doors because we can’t have company see the washing machine.

But for us cloth diapering mamas (and dads too), the washing machine is our best friend and worst enemy.

For those of us with front loaders, and I do, I have a love/hate

Soaking diapers

Rowan supervising the detergent buildup presoak.

relationship with my washer. It can take some time to figure out the “perfect” wash routine to get my diapers clean and fresh smelling. Over time, I have figured this out. But, I am never happy with the status quo. So what did I do? I decided to test a new detergent. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been adjusting my detergent up and down to try to find the perfect amount. But in trying to do so, I’ve created some detergent buildup. Not in my diapers though. In my washing machine.

That’s right, detergent buildup in the washing machine. With front loaders they have a “clean washer” option. So, I followed the directions and pressed start. 56 minutes later, I open the door to add my diapers that have been soaking in the tub and what do I see? A ton, and I mean a ton, of bubbles. Ugh. Great. So, I do another clean washer cycle w/ no bleach this time. 56 minutes later, almost no bubbles, but still a few. So cycle #3 started.

Detergent buildup in washer

Middle of the second "clean washer" cycle and still a lot of detergent buildup.

You’re probably asking yourself, “why is she telling us about cleaning her washer, really, I don’t really want to know or care.” Well, the reason I’m sharing this is because I learned a lesson today. Not all detergent buildup is the fault of the diapers, sometimes we need to take care of the washing machine too. So give your washer a little love, you know it works hard for you, and give it a wash minus a load of diapers.


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