Battle of the Wipes

There are so many different types of wipe products out there. There’s Lysol wipes, Pampers wipes, Windex wipes, Wet Ones… basically every type of cleaning product or baby brand has a disposable wipe version. Sure, these things are handy. You don’t have to search for a clean rag, you don’t have to wash the rag you just used, you can throw a container in the car, or a pack in your diaper bag. But have you ever stopped and thought about what are in these wipes?

I’ll be honest, for years I loved my Lysol wipes. I used them for everything. I loved the “fresh” Lysol scent. I know, I know ,very weird. Really there is nothing “fresh” about Lysol. But, I grew up with it. Even to this day when I smell it I think of clean. Slowly over the last couple of years my husband has changed my dependence on these wipes. And now that Rowan is crawling, I am even more aware of what cleaning products I use. However….

I was out visiting a friend of mine. I know what you are all thinking right at this moment, “uh ya, sure it was her ‘friend’.” This is a real friend, not a “imaginary friend” and I will bring her out if need be 😀 .  So… a freezee was inadvertently left on her kitchen counter (don’t know whooo could have done that) and left a stain. She pulls out a Lysol wipe and starts scrubbing away. Now this stain is pretty bad. Pure food dye’d sugar mess. The Lysol wipe is not even budging this stain. We both stand there in shock, this is pure Lysol, why is that stain still there? Anyway, we get sidetracked and leave the stain.

Fast forward to the next day. I get this crazy phone call about this stain on the counter. She was cleaning up her kitchen wiping down the counters with baby wipes, to which I think to myself, baby wipes?? on the counter?? But, whatever, it’s her house she can clean it however she wants. Guess what got rid of the stain? You guessed it, the Pampers Baby Wipe. Now, my initial reaction was “that’s great you were able to get rid of the stain.” Which was quickly followed by, a baby wipe got rid of the stain Lysol could not??! That is pretty scary if you think about it. What types of chemicals do these wipes have in them that Lysol of all things doesn’t have, plus how many thousands of people use these wipes on their babies??

What I learned from this, is if I am so particular about what I use on Rowan (only put on him what I would eat — we love almond oil for moisturizer), why would I use a disposable wipe on him when we’re out because I’m too lazy or can’t be bothered to put a few wet cloth wipes in a wet bag? I haul everything with me for cloth diapers, but when it comes to wipes I just stop. Well, after this it’s cloth wipes 100% of the time, no laziness permitted any longer. And as so many of you know, I love to shop and I just happen to know where to get some fabulous super soft bamboo/cotton wipes from… 😀

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