It’s Raining Cloth Diapers!

All week we’ve been receiving and restocking our shelves. You would think it’s Christmas around here with all the boxes of cloth diapers and accessories that have been arriving all week. This is how the week has gone:

Monday: Huge Bummis order! We now have prefolds (preemie, infant, baby), Super Whisper Wraps, Bio-liners and a bunch of other stuff. Have you seen how tiny a preemie prefold is? Wow, they are tiny. Yet perfect for multiples or those 6 pound babies you hear about every once in a while..

Nifty NappyWednesday: First batch of Nifty Nappys arrived. It was so hard packing them up and shipping them out right away. The patterns are so cute! And don’t get me started on the woolie wraps… so soft, and little bums look so cute in them.

Friday: HUGE (and I thought the Bummis order was huge), this was a HUGE order of bumGenius and Flips from Cotton Babies!! Plus a few diaper sprayers. Visualize over 100lbs of cloth diapers.

And next week we’ll be receiving the second part of our Nifty Nappy order, so for the rest of you that have pre-ordered, you’ll be getting your stuff soon. Plus, we’re hoping our Monkey Doodlez swim diaper order arrives too.

But, we have great news! Flip by Cotton Babies has now made their Flip covers available in all Flip Cover: Ribbitthe great BG colours! That’s right, no longer are you stuck with just Moonbeam and Zinnia. You can now get them in Blossom, Twilight, Clementine, Butternut, Ribbit, and Grasshopper. Plus, if you already have a huge stock of Flip inserts, you can buy just the covers now too! And who has these great new covers?? The Little Monkey Store! You can check them out here.

Well, that’s it for our new stuff this week. We have been so busy! I think my “warehouse” staff are going to go on strike if I keep up this ordering…

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