Not just cloth diapers…

When I have nothing to do (ha ha ha — more like procrastinating) I check out blogs. I like to read what people are up to, I collect recipes, baby tips, you name it I read it. I love reading and I love my MacBook, so blog reading is a natural for me. Today I came across a great site that has really cool graphic notes you can print off and put in your kids’ lunches. There are monster themed, princess themed, dinosaur and more. Lunch notes, what a great idea! So, I thought I would share the link as they are free and kids like notes. Or I assume they do, I did as a kid.

Here are the lunch notes that are like a little hug packed with lunch.

On another note, not a real note note though, we are going to start Baby Food Fridays here on our blog. Our plan is to share our favourite baby food recipes with you. We’d love to hear what your favourites are too! You can email us your recipes or snack ideas through our Contact Us page. We’ll post every Friday!

Have a great weekend!

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