Baby Food Friday: Roasted Carrots

The last few baby food recipes have been for more advanced babies, so I thought I would do a beginners recipe for all you momsRoasted Carrots for Baby Food with little ones that will be starting solids soon. This roasted carrots recipe has always been a big hit at our house. When I make it, I have to try not to eat all of them myself! Roasting root veggies makes them so yummy and really brings out their flavour.

This recipe is from one of my “go-to” baby food websites. This site has a ton of information on what foods to feed your baby when, great recipes and such.

Roasted Carrots

Tip: if you use organic whole (not the “baby” carrots), you don’t need to peel them.

Just cut the carrots into sticks, wrap loosely in foil and pop into an oven preheated to 375 deg F..

The carrots will cook in their own steam and should be tender and ready for pureeing within 20-30 minutes – please take care when you open the foil parcel, as steam will escape!

You can also fork mash the carrots, they mash quite easily and that way your baby will get used to textures too. For older babies, you can add a little bit of butter into the packets so they get the extra fat they need.

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