Diary of a Cloth Diaper Newbie

We have another cloth diapering guest post. This one is written by Suzy Beattie. She’s one of the best mom’s I know and I always learn a ton from her. This post is a write up of her first experiences using cloth diapers at the trainer stage. So even if you’ve used disposable diapers, you can always switch to cloth training pants when the time comes! Enjoy!

Diary of a Cloth Diaper Newbie

I was a little late to the cloth diaper party. And by a little late, I mean a lot! My daughter Bella is two and a half years old and she just wore her first cloth diaper.

There is a certain level of disorganization in my household. We won’t be appearing on “Hoarders” anytime soon but we do have to tidy-up when we’re having company over. If this isn’t you then you almost certainly know someone who fits this description! Needless to say, in our pre-Bella days, back when we had a social life, our apartment was one big teenager’s bedroom. Somewhere in the middle of my pregnancy I decided that this would no longer do and we began acquiring grown-up stuff like TV cabinets and cutlery trays. Where most parents lament the loss of their grown-up home to baby clutter, we marvelled at our new socially

Now, in the midst of this upheaval we had the Diaper Conversation. Cloth seemed to be the environmentally responsible option…but it also seemed, to me, to be something that chore-competent, organised people did ie. not me. In short, it was dismissed without much thought. In hindsight, if I had only known the amount of laundry we would be doing anyway….well.

After Bella was born, we began to think. We bought our standard issue Diaper Genie; a wonderful little contraption. You basically pop the diaper in a little hole and *poof*, it’s gone! Sort of. The diapers accumulate in a big bag on the inside where you don’t have to look at them, or smell them. However, when it came time to empty the “Genie” I had to look away – the sheer volume made me feel uncomfortable. “Another sack of diapers for the landfill”, I would say, and we would laugh nervously.

Once Bella was potty-trained I somehow resenting the diapers even more; I was tired of buying diapers that we really only needed for night and long trips. So, when Julie asked me to do a trial on a night-time trainer I jumped at the chance. My first instructions were to wash it 3 times before use. My eyes began to glaze over. Was I really supposed to stand in the laundry all day washing this diaper? Reality check; I perpetually have 4 loads of laundry waiting to be done so I could just throw it in there with the next 3 loads.

I washed out my machine with a safe bleach. If, like me, you have a septic tank you can use Seventh Generation chlorine free bleach. If you’re part of normal society and connected to a regular water supply I promise I won’t bore you with any more details. Julie kept her composure when I told her I use 2 or 3 dryer sheets at a time and very wisely advised me to let the diaper hang-dry. Well the training diaper was ready to go in no time and I can actually walk around in my laundry room now – bonus!

The final stage was surprisingly easy. If you’re around a toddler you know how precarious it can be to

Happy in Cloth Diaper Trainers

Bella doing the happy dance in her comfy cloth diaper trainers

introduce new things. I decided to take the path of least resistance and just slip it on at bedtime without a word. Well, Bella did a double take, looked down and said: “this is a nice diaper!”. I just managed to pull her onesie on before she took off and did the happy dance all over her bed. Success. And she was nice and dry in the morning!

Do I regret not going cloth earlier? Yes, but as a new parent I’ve learned to move on from my mistakes and try to do better next time! For now I’ll just enjoy skipping the diaper isle.



I hope you enjoyed this guest post. Personally, I was over the moon when Suzy actually said “yes” to trying a cloth training diaper… I’ve been working on her for almost a year and it’s finally paid off! 😀

I also want to add, Suzy is an amazing graphic artist, she is working on her new website and opening an Etsy shop to showcase her great one-of-a kind baby onesies and t-shirts. She also does custom work too. You can find her online here:

Web: http://www.cudacreations.com

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/cudacreations?ga_search_query=cudacreations&ga_search_type=seller_usernames

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/suzybeattie

If you’re interested in writing a guest post, just send us a quick email!

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