Who loves FuzziBunz?

We do! We do!


Over the last month we’ve been trying out the FuzziBunz one-size cloth diaper courtesy of our Oklahoma cloth diaper pen pal. Yes, I have a cloth diaper pen pal 🙂 . Well, we have fallen in love with FuzziBunz. So much so, that we are now adding the FuzziBunz line up of one-size and perfect size pocket diapers to our store.

They are both snap style diapers, but what I think is the best feature is their adjust-ability. They have these great little elastics that have button holes in them that allow you to customize the fit of the legs and the waist of both diaper styles. Plus, they have two rows of snaps that allow you to adjust the waist and the hips too. So, if you have a baby with a belly but skinny legs, or small waist and chubby thighs (you get the idea), then these are the diapers for you.

FuzziBunz One-Size Features

Some other features that I think are fabulous are:

  • Supersoft microfleece liner. This is probably the softest I’ve felt to-date, and this will be right against your baby’s bum. Nice and soft.
  • The best colours. Red, Orange, Aqua, plus  a nice selection of pastel colours. And, there’s a bunch of new colours being launched in May. Very very nice new colours. Can’t share right now, but as soon as I can, I will. I promise.

Want to save a couple of bucks on these fabulous diapers? If you pre-order, use the code “fuzzibunz” and save 10% on your FuzziBunz.

Here’s a couple of the great colours they come in:

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Aqua

Perfect Size in Aqua

FuzziBunz One Size Red

One Size in Red

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Periwinkle

Perfect Size in Periwinkle

Want to see how these work? Check out this video posted by FuzziBunz:

We are only going to have our pre-order sale on for a very short time. If you’re wanting to add to your FuzziBunz collection or wanting to try a new (and very fabulous) cloth diaper, hop on over to our store and place your order before the 10% off is gone.

Happy Easter!



2 thoughts on “Who loves FuzziBunz?

    • I just realized the other day that they are even better than I thought! We’ve been using the small insert instead of the larger size one and we still did not have any leaks. Wow. Very happy 🙂

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