The Disposable Diaper Dealer

Tonight we went over to a friends house to watch the Canucks get slaughtered by the Chicago Blackhawks. Knowing that we would be over there late, my husband packed our little one’s night time diaper combo, a Nifty Nappy Fitted and Woolie Wrap, along with jammies, sleep sack and such. Or so he told me.

We get to the point in the evening when our little guy needs his diaper changed, so my husband grabs the diaper bag and proceeds to get him changed into his night time diaper. To which I hear: “%!$@ I forgot the woolie.” Well, this isn’t the end of the world, we’ve actually gone an entire night without a woolie by accident (not advised, but wasn’t that bad), so I thought “no big deal, we’ll just put a woolie on when we get home.”

My friend offers up a size 5 Huggies to put over top of the fitted. To the cloth diaperer’s out there, this doesn’t make sense. But to those who use disposables, seems like a viable option I suppose. Well, it did to her. *Side note: I know you’re reading this 😀 * . I say thanks for the offer, but we’re good, we’ll just put a cover on when we get home. To which she starts insisting it’s no big deal, she’ll go grab one. Essentially, it turned into what I thought was one of those awkward situations. But no, I was wrong.

About 30 minutes later, Rowan pooped. Yup, he pooped in his night time diaper. No biggie. I ask my husband “is there another fitted in the bag?” He answers: “no, but there’s a FuzziBunz in there.”

While this is going on, my friend offers up another Huggies. And I must say “offers” doesn’t really describe the situation. We get into this heated yet laughing discussion about how the diaper I have will be fine and we’ll put him in his night time diaper when we get home. This discussion finishes with me calling her a Disposable Diaper Dealer, just like a drug dealer but instead of drugs she’s pushing disposable diapers. We’re all laughing at this point and play acting a Disposable Diaper Dealer role on a park corner.

She finishes up with a “well, I will never offer you another diaper again” comment. To which I answered (and for those that know me, know I always have to get the last comment in) “that’s fine, because I will never ask for one.”

Disposable Diapers in Landfill

At this point I grab the diaper bag and get Rowan cleaned up. I dig the FuzziBunz out of the bag and realize it was a dirty diaper (guess no one uses a wet bag??). I dig and dig hoping that another diaper will magically appear. But no, it did not appear. Now at this point everyone is laughing at me. I just called my friend a Disposable Diaper Dealer and here I was with a baby and no diaper and nothing I could use as a makeshift diaper. Then, my husband vetoed me walking up the street with bare baby bum to get another diaper. What to do, what to do?

It’s 9:59pm as I am writing this and my son is sleeping in a Huggies.

Moral of the story, never trust your husband to pack the diaper bag without checking it.

Julie @ Little Monkey Store


One thought on “The Disposable Diaper Dealer

  1. haha…that sound exactly like something that would happen with my dh. I usually don’t let him pack the diaper bag because I don’t even like the way he just throws stuff in there, but I always have to double and sometimes even triple check to make sure it’s all packed. Glad your friend had such a good sense of humor though, I know I have some that would be offended.

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