Environmentally “Friendly” Diaper Competition

In the diaper world there is a fair bit of competition, as there is in all business. However, I usually do not see (or have noticed) blatant misinformation and negative statements as I saw today. Yesterday I had to go to my local grocery store to buy a pack of disposable diapers. Turns out my little guy has developed a yeast rash and because of the stuff we have to put on his bum until it clears, we decided to go with disposables to save any potential cloth diaper problems.

So, I’m at the store in the diaper aisle looking for Seventh Generation diapers. I thought to myself, if I’m going to use a disposable, might as well try Seventh Generation. They are non-chlorine, hypoallergenic, and the lesser evil of the disposable diaper selection. Since I don’t often (ever really) wander down the diaper aisle, I decided to have a look. I noticed a store brand of green/environmentally friendly diapers. So I crunch the numbers:

46 diapers for $13.99 vs. 30 diapers for $17.99

Well, I grab the pack of 46 and take a look at what they say. This is what made me angry. On the packaging of this “other” diaper, the manufacturer chose to write an entire paragraph about why cloth diapers are bad for the environment. One thing they stated was that the use of fertilizers and chemicals in manufacturing cloth diapers is harmful to the environment. Last time I checked, the majority of cotton diapers are made from organic cotton. Plus other natural materials such as hemp and bamboo don’t use fertilizers or chemicals either. Also, cotton, hemp and bamboo are a renewable resource. They also mentioned that the water, detergent and electricity in washing cloth diapers outweighs the benefits. They essentially stated that they minimize all these things in manufacturing their diapers and that their diapers are better.

Now as you all know, I use and sell cloth diapers, so perhaps I’m a bit biased. But I’m not biased because I am a cloth diaper retailer. As a mom and a full-time cloth diaper user, I sometimes have to buy disposable diapers. When I (and many many other cloth diaper parents) have to buy disposables, for whatever reason that may be, I try to purchase a more environmentally friendly option. That statement on the package of diapers alienated me from their product. Now if a potentially large portion of your target market are current cloth diaper users, why would you want to alienate them from your product?

What did I buy? The Seventh Generation pack of 30 for $17.99.

Julie @ Little Monkey Store


5 thoughts on “Environmentally “Friendly” Diaper Competition

  1. If disposables are needed we will ONLY get 7th Gen. And here they aren’t in stores. We have to get from the lady that sells cloth. And the pack of 35 is $20. But she delivers to your door 🙂 But it takes us so long to use a pack it’s worth it.
    That wouldve made me really mad too.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who was bothered by that 🙂

      After writing the post last night, I did some more research on Seventh Generation and they have a whole page dedicated to the advantages of cloth diapers. I was so impressed! A company that seems to care about not only the environment but their target market as well.

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