Top Cloth Diapers of 2010

Can you believe it? It’s already 2011! So after doing inventory for days on end, I now have the list of what the top selling cloth diapers in 2010 were at the Little Monkey Store. So here they are:

  1. FuzziBunz One Size: I love these diapers! They are a perfect one size diaper that works for skinny or chubby legs. We (and our customers too) are a huge fan of the adjustable elastics.
  2. bumGenius 4.0: We were very excited when Cotton Babies launched the BG 4.0s in snaps! You get the great stain resistant interior of suede cloth with the low maintenance of snaps.
  3. Monkey Doodlez Swim Diapers: The perfect reusable swim diaper for the pool or the beach. They fit true to size and nothing escapes. So many cute designs. We can’t wait to see what designs Monkey Doodlez will come out with this year!
  4. FuzziBunz Perfect Size: Our personal favourite for our tall and thin toddler. Less bulk than a one-size and they come in great colours!
  5. Flip by Cotton Babies: Day packs, individuals, covers only, stay dry inserts, organic inserts, disposable inserts… the options are endless for these diapers.

We’re looking forward to seeing what makes the list for 2011! Stay tuned for our top cloth diaper accessories for 2010.

Julie @ Little Monkey Store


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