How to Choose a Cloth Diaper Cover

With so many cloth diaper cover choices available, how do you pick the best diaper cover for you and your baby? Much like pocket diapers or all-in-one diapers, you have a variety of different fabrics to choose from. Here’s a few of the different diaper covers available:

PUL diaper covers

PUL (Polyurethane Laminated Fabric) is one of the most popular types of fabrics used in manufacturing all types of cloth diapers. PUL is the waterproof, yet breathable layer you will typically find on the outside of pocket cloth diapers, all-in-one diapers, and one size diapers. The advantages of PUL in cloth diapers is that it can survive many washings and high heat drying.

Super Whisper WrapBummis Super Brite Diaper Cover

The workhorse of any two piece cloth diapering system. The Super Whisper Wrap can be used with prefolds, fitteds and inserts, so it is a very flexible cover option. It is made from 2mil PUL laminate that is sandwiched between two layers of polyester for extra durability. It is a very roomy fitting diaper cover, so perfect if your little one has chunky thighs or your fitted diaper is quite bulky. This is a very heavy duty diaper cover. The downside of this one is that the inside cannot be wiped out, the cover will need to be washed if it’s soiled.

Super Brite

The Super Brite diaper cover looks very similar to the Super Whisper Wrap, but it is actually quite different. This one can be used with prefolds, fitteds and inserts, but it is super trim! This wrap is made from 1mil of polyester with a 2mil PUL laminate that is exposed on the inside so it can be wiped clean. This way you can get a few diaper changes out of one cover. Great for your budget. The other big difference between this cover and the SWW, is that the Super Brite has leg gussets. Leg gussets are a must have for long and skinny babies. With gussets, you can get a nice snug fit. Overall, the Super Brite is a very trim diaper cover.


Flip diaper covers are a one-size cover made by Cotton Babies. They are designed to be used with either the stay dry, organic or disposable Flip inserts. However, they do work with prefolds as well. They are, in essence, the outside cover of the bumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers – they have snaps down the front to adjust the rise and they have snaps for the waist closure. Flip covers can be reused a number of times without washing as they can be wiped out between changes.

Fleece Covers

Fleece is another option available for diaper covers. Fleece is very breathable and is great for nap time. Fleece is a synthetic polyester material that is great for wicking moisture away from the body. Fleece does not absorb moisture, but wicks it to the outside where it can evaporate if exposed to air. Similar to the PUL Covers, fleece does need to be washed after every use. The advantages of fleece is that it is super lightweight, very trim and washes up quite quickly.

Wool Covers

Wool diaper covers are an excellent option for night time cloth diapering, or if you have a super heavy wetter during the day. sloomb knit wool diaper cover - charcoalWool is extremely breathable and can absorb a ton of moisture. Wool is great because it only needs to be washed and lanolized every 3 – 4 weeks. All you need to do, is hang it up to dry and it’s ready to reuse the next day. Wool covers do tend to be bulkier than the PUL covers and do take a bit time to dry after washing. One brand we carry, Sustainablebabyish, is a very trim interlock wool cover. Wool is available in two different styles, shorties and longies, which are perfect for the winter months to keep baby’s legs nice and warm. If you’re not sure about how to wash wool, check out our wool diaper care tutorial.


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