Cloth Wipes and Cloth Wipe Solution

Once you get into cloth diapers, most (if not all) parents tend to start using cloth wipes as well. Cloth wipes make sense – you’re washing diapers, so why not wash wipes at the same time? Plus, reusable wipes are one less thing to throw away and one less thing you have to buy all the time. You buy or make a couple dozen and you are good to go forever.

When I first started shopping for cloth diapers, it never occurred to me to use cloth wipes, until I came across a blog post somewhere talking about cloth wipes. I read it, read it to my husband, and we did the whole “why didn’t we think of that – it’s so obvious” discussion. So off I went looking for cloth wipes to buy.

Now if you can sew, you can make your own wipes. Some will make them out of old flannel receiving blankets, others will use old t shirts, or pick up some fabric at the local fabric store. I am not a sewer, so I bought mine. We have a few different types of cloth wipes available for you non-sewers out there 🙂

Once you get the “what to use for wipes” all sorted out, you need to think about what type of solution you are going to use on your wipes. There are quite a few sites that have a variety of recipes listed for making your own wipe solution. Basically, all wipe solutions are made of three (four) basic things:

  1. oil: helps the wipe glide across the bum and helps give some extra moisturizing at the same time.
  2. soap: to clean
  3. water: to help clean and dilute the other ingredients.
  4. essential oil: completely optional, but nice to add scent or for anti-bacterial properties.

We always kept our solution pretty basic. The great thing about making your own solution is that you know exactly what you’re putting on your baby’s skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and you really don’t want to put anything on an infant’s skin that you wouldn’t eat.

Here’s our recipe:

Little Monkey Cloth Wipe Solution

2 tbsp oil (we like grapeseed oil, it’s nice and light)
2 tbsp baby soap
2 cups water

And a few others to try out if you want:

Aloe Vera Wipe Solution

2 cups of hot water
1/4 cup of aloe vera gel (available at your local health food store)
2 drops of tea tree oil (great natural antibacterial essential oil)

Lavender Wipe Solution

2 cups of water
2 tbsp of baby soap
2 – 3 drops of lavender essential oil

Here’s some of our Facebook fan recipes:

Lee’s Wipe Solution

2 cups of water
2 drops of tea tree oil
2 drops of lavender oil

Zuri’s Wipe Solution

2 cups of water
2 tbsp of baby wash (she recommends Aveeno Calming Comfort)
2 tbsp baby oil (or olive oil)

Mix together in a medium ziploc container, then fill with a bunch of baby washcloths)


And for those of you who would rather not make their own, or make your own but you’re going to be travelling and it’s just not convenient to haul around wipe solution, we have Monkey Doodlez wipe cubes available. They are super easy to use, drop one cube in two cups of hot water, wait for the water to cool off, and they are ready to use.

We store our wipes, pre-moistened in a wipe warmer. I like the idea of warm wipes, and they are very nice for those middle of the night changes. You can also store solution in the peri-bottle you received from your midwife or at the hospital and moisten each wipe as you need it. Or, wipe solution kept in a spray bottle is handy too.

Let us know what your recipe is and we’ll add it to our list!


8 thoughts on “Cloth Wipes and Cloth Wipe Solution

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  4. What brand of wipe warmers do you use? I had a lionheart one (designed for disposable wipes) but it didn’t really work because the warming mechanism is only in the lid. It is designed only to warm the wipe you are pulling out of the stack.


    • Hi Francine — I have the Prince Lionheart one and mine heats from the bottom (it’s designed for disposable wipes). It’s about three years old though, so it sounds like they may have changed their design? I know they do have a cloth wipe one, but you would probably have to order it from the US.

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  6. I’m new to cloth wipes and I’m confused about the homemade wipe solutions. I read that you can’t wash the wipes with your cloth diapers if your wipe solution has oil in it. Is this true? I have extremely hard water and a washing machine that has seen better days so I’m already having a hard time keeping my diapers from smelling.

    • Hi Jennifer — if you make your own solution, the majority of the recipes out there calls for quite a bit of oil, a couple of tablespoons usually. Over time the oil could transfer and build up on your diapers. What I recommend is to either wash your wipes separate from your diapers to be on the safe side, or you could look into a wipe cube or solution rather than making your own. A wipe cube may have oil in the ingredients, but the drop or two of oil to 2 cups of water is far less than a couple of tablespoons to 2 cups of water.

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