Lanolin: Liquid or Solid?

This post is courtesy of Audrey at Sheepish Grins – the supplier of all our wool care products in our store.

We receive this question quite frequently and wanted to help clear things up for those of you not familiar with lanolin or wool care. What is the best product for lanolizing?

For a complete and thorough lanolizing of wool (especially thick knits), the best option will always be the solid lanolin.  Many people are intimidated and think the liquid is easier to use, but honestly, they are the same in terms of use.  You heat up some water in a cup so that it is very hot.  Add a teaspoon or so of the lanolin along with a squirt of baby shampoo.  Mix until the lanolin is completely dissolved and the water turns white.  You can then add this to your wash basin that is filled with warm water.  Mix to thoroughly distribute and mix and then add your wool.  Let soak for 15 minutes or up to all night.  Dry as normal.

Liquid does work, but it is basically a mixture of oil and lanolin done by the manufacturer to suspend it in a liquid form.  This means there is less lanolin as compared to the solid so you may need to due a few treatments or add some other products to assist.

The creamy lanolin spray is great for a number of uses.  It will lightly coat wool for upkeep and quick care.  It is perfect for products like nursing pads that have wool on one side and another fabric on the other that does not need lanolin.  Or for large items that your customers do not want to try and soak or wash very often and prefer a simple spray on option. To use on a diaper cover, we recommend turning the garment inside out so that the inside is thoroughly treated with the spray, allowed to dry and then turned right side out for use.

The Lanolin Rich Wool Soaps are perfect for washing wool or taking care of spot treatments especially after a messy diaper!  Our soap is the most lanolin rich soap on the market with 40% of pure solid lanolin! So it will help spot clean and provide a lanolin treatment without requiring you to lanolize a cover everytime you spot clean it! We have also had many customers with dry and cracked skin tell us how much the soap has helped them!

Looking for lanolin? Check out our selection of Sheepish Grins lanolin products!

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