Potty Training: the transition to cloth trainers

Lately little R has been playing houdini with his velcro cloth diapers. I’ll leave the room for two minutes and then next thing I know, he’s got his pants off and diaper almost off. Most of our cloth diaper stash is comprised of snap diapers (FuzziBunz, Sloomb, BG 4.0 and a few other brands), but we have quite a few velcro ones too.

As I started to reach for some new snap diapers to replace the velcro, I thought to myself “I have cloth trainers (actually tons of trainers honestly), I should just pull out some of those.” I pulled out a couple pairs and have washed them up. Washing them up gave me an opportunity to really check them out.

Super Undies Red RacerThe Super Undies pocket trainers we’re going to start with are very similar to a pocket diaper. The big difference is that the snaps are on the side, but more around the back and they are easy to pull up and down. The other big difference is that the inside isn’t lined with a suedecloth or stay dry fleece. It is more of a breathable, smooth, poly-lycra blend. Kind of reminds me of athletic sport top material.

The microfiber terry cloth inserts are thinner than what you would normally find in a pocket diaper and they are shaped differently too. This way you can get the most absorbency right where you need it (for us it’s in the front). They do have a small insert sewn right in, but for starting out we are going to go with two inserts and see how it goes.

I’m excited to start the potty training process, but a little sad too. My little guy isn’t a baby any more and he won’t be wearing the super cute cloth diapers I love for very much longer.

Update: He liked the idea of the trainers, but not thrilled. Once I called them his “Red Racers” just like a certain Disney character who loves to race — he was sold.

Julie @ Little Monkey Store


2 thoughts on “Potty Training: the transition to cloth trainers

  1. We’re just starting training around here too (again). My daughter was a little scared after she went #2 on the potty a few months back, and refused to sit on the potty again. A Disney Princesses potty seat made all the difference! She is getting used to the idea. I wish I could afford to buy more trainers though!

    • We’re still in the very beginning stages. We can get him on the potty, but he hasn’t done anything yet. The trainers are helping though, he feels wet and that’s a plus 🙂

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