Diapering Newborns

We have a new contributor on the Little Monkey Store blog! Here is Deanna’s first post for us. She’s a cloth diapering mom from Alberta who will soon be cloth diapering baby number 3. She’s seen it all and experienced every aspect of cloth diapering there is. We are really excited to read about her cloth diapering journey!


From the first positive test stick, all the way to the delivery room and that first fresh snuggle, babies present  a journey of questions, research, and discovery. When is Baby arriving? What about labour and delivery venues? What are my diapering options?
With so many questions and options, it’s a wonder that nine months is enough time to prepare!

A growing question for many new parents these days is, “How will I diaper my newborn?” While most hospital and birthing centers continue to stock disposables, cloth diapering has seen an immense and well-earned resurgence in the past decade—even for (and perhaps especially for ) those fresh and teeny little newborn bottoms. Yet, as fun and cozy as those little fleecy dipes may be, you may still have concerns, such as….

Newborns are so tiny!

And what about those first changes with that thick, tarlike meconium?

And…can I really do cloth diapers? Right from the start? Shouldn’t we just ease into it?

Thankfully, there are positive and new-bum friendly answers to each of these concerns!

First, the question of size. Some newborns truly are teeny-tiny. Multiples and preemies seem to come in especially small bundles. Yet even in their compact presentation, these precious packages can be diapered with cloth that fits snugly and comfortably, while still holding all the…other packages. Actually, many converts to cloth diapers find that cloth diapers are the only option that can really fit those little legs and contain a newborn’s poop without leading to an overflowing mess.

Next, those first diaper offerings. Meconium can be daunting, especially the first time around, and the thought of it gumming up that soft new fleece may seem reason enough to opt out. But don’t despair! Simple and flushable Bio-soft liners are an easy and affordable way to line your new diapers and insure that clean-up is especially easy. (And truthfully, diapers are made to be soiled and will wash-up beautifully, time and time again…)

And finally, can you do it? A new baby, and the challenges of those first post-partum day? Yes! There is something intrinsically beautiful in swaddling your fresh new baby in soft and gentle cloth diapers.

When my second son was born, I packed our bag with a collection of freshly washed, beautiful cloth diapers. I brought some teeny ‘newborn’ sized BumGenius, a few prefolds (which are just as useful as burping clothes!), some organic bamboo fitted, and various beloved FuzziBunz (yes, I was a bit excited!). As we moved from those first skin-to-skin moments and into his diaper and blanket, I marveled at how natural and simple it was to use cloth– only hours past birth. There was no scratchy paper or plastic tabs. No extra trash. Just my baby, snuggled and swaddled and oh-sotouchable!

From those first minutes in the delivery room and on into the adventure, babies come with all kinds of questions and opportunities. Cloth diapering doesn’t have to be one of the hard ones, it’s just…natural. Even from those first hours and days, your newborn gift can be tenderly bundled in a cloth option that is suited perfectly to his or her size and style.

Be sure to check out our newborn cloth diapering rental system!
Easy, affordable, and a great way to begin!


About the writer:

Dea’ is a mama to boys, a college educator, a writer, and a ‘simple-green-living’ homemaker. Currently residing in small-town Alberta while her husband practices as a medic in the north, Dea’ can be found chasing her boys and backyard chickens while experimenting with whole foods, new areas of writing, and other creative things. You are welcome to follow her family and story at deannadyck.wordpress.com


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