A Look at Cloth Diaper Options

Features features features! From colors to fasteners to sizes, there are options available for today’s cloth diapers. While some of the choices may present simple decisions based on personal style, others offer distinct strengths for stages of wear during the day, or specific parents, or certain ages of infant. Discerning what works for your unique family can sometimes be a bit of a journey.
Consider the following as another step towards your perfect diaper fit!

Finicky fasteners.

Gone are the day of ducky diaper pins and rubber pants. Today’s cloth-diapering families now have an impressive selection of fastening options when swaddling their babe’s teeny bottom; Snappis on the prefolds, wool covers with no real ‘fasteners’ at all, and what is often the front-running option:  whether to use snaps or Velcro. Each has its advantages.

bumGenius cloth diapers

In our family, we at first preferred using Velcro for our pocket and all-in-one diapers. It offers the snuggest fit, the quickest change, and the easiest use for both the mama and the papa. However, as Baby #1 grew we noticed that the Velcro was becoming worn and fuzzy, and the now-toddler was enjoying tearing open his diapers while galloping about the house! Being the creative and thrifty family that we are, we experimented with belts, clothes pins, and even duct tape before admitting that we it might be time to consider some of the other fastening options. We purchased some dipes with snaps and (once Husband figured out which ones connected to the others) we really enjoyed the security of the closure and the longevity of the hardware. Also, the snaps proved to be much more difficult for Baby#1 to work free from, so less floor puddles and more snuggly baby bum.

Next, what about all the featured absorbency options?

At this stage in the diaper game, there seems to be even more stuffing and lining options than there are diapers! Lucky for cloth-diapering caregivers, all of these options allow you to choose the most appropriate fit for your baby and style, while providing optimum absorbency and comfort.

When considering absorbency, keep in mind:
1) Your style of diaper (pocket, wrap, etc)
Certain pocket dipes  are perfect for ‘doubling up’ on inserts. All-in-one diapers are generally loaded as far as they can go, so attempting to add an extra insert will most likely compromise fit. If one partner decides to get online and order some ‘added absorbency’, be sure he or she understands what your diapering wardrobe can actually accommodate.
2) Time of day (play group, bedtime)
Our’s is a home of heavy-wetting, very active boys. I’ve learned that a trimmer diaper works best when we’re on the move, but when it comes to naps and bedtime, we triple-stuff! Packing in power-absorbency such as hemp or bamboo doublers has been the only option for making it through the whole night without leaks or discomfort.

And the other fun and fancy features?

When it comes to cloth diapering, imagination and creation are a perfect fit! Let yourself play with some new patterns and colors. As you look to travelling for the holidays, how about trying out one of the new-and-easy hybrids? As the season’s chill settles in, treat your babes to some of those luscious natural fibers such as bamboo, wool, and hemp.

Cloth diapers are only becoming more beautiful, more accessible, and more perfect for today’s family. Stop by the store and expand your cloth diaper wardrobe today!


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