Cloth Diaper Christmas Wish List

All They Want for Christmas (author: Deanna)

‘Tis the season to…tuck some creative cloth diapering gifts under the tree!

Perhaps you are a cloth diapering family. Or maybe you are a grandparent to one or more cloth diapered babes. It could be that you need some new and creative ideas to put on your own holiday wish list, or to use in fulfilling someone else. Whatever your role in this season of giving, there’s bound to be space under the tree for some special cloth diapering packages.

But what should you give? What should you ask for on that list?

First, as a cloth diapering family, be clear and intentional in the vocabulary you use. Share terms which are easily transferred and communicated. Our family has found that unless diapering desires are written out very clearly, people are hesitant to venture into a purchase. This hesitancy can be disappointing when all you really want for Christmas are some new diapers for your babe! Simply saying aloud, “We really need some new cloth diapers” won’t be that helpful to your mother-in-law when she walks into the store or ventures online. State (better yet, clearly print out) the style you’re hoping for (Pocket? Cover? All-in-one? Etc), along with the preferred brand, size, and even color. Next, share a link to your best online store, as well as some direct links to the specific products on your list, including how to purchase a gift certificate to your favored supplier.

Some specifics to add to your list:

  • What’s that one awesome new diaper you’ve wanted to try but just haven’t purchased yet? Put it on your list!
  •  Think about the next diapering stage that’s coming in the New Year: A new baby? Potty training?
  • Are you ready to venture into some other cloth products such as nursing  or menstrual pads?
  • When all else fails, share your desire for a gift certificate to your favorite online diaper supplier. You can choose what you need, when you need it!

Next, as a gift-giver, what are some unique ideas you can wrap up that will bring smiles and satisfaction to your diapered loved ones?

First, know your receiver. Ask what they prefer as well as what they need. You might be surprised! Some kiddos might actually have enough diapers, but be in need of some new accessories such as a new diaper pail. Or, if there’s a new sibling on the way, now is the time to refresh the stash with some new one-sizes which can be used by all diaper-wearers in the gang. Finally, extra inserts are always appreciated as the need for absorbency increases with the age and size of the wearer.

Some specifics to buy:

  • How about a ‘diapering support basket’? I’ve never received one but I know I’d sure love it! Fill a basket with all the goods that go along with diapering; gentle laundry detergent, cloth wipes, and cloth-friendly diaper cream!
  • What about a travel pack to help out those cloth diapering babes who have travelled to see you? Include a wet bag, a changing pad, and a couple of hybrid diapers to make changes easier on the road or in the air!
  • Want a creative wrapping solution? Wrap that gift in a new cloth diaper! Cute, creative, and recyclable!
  • If you’re really stumped, share a gift certificate for a cloth diapering store!

During these years of babies and toddlers, diapers are a daily necessity. Thankfully, they are also a great opportunity for thoughtful giving and appreciative receiving.


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Christmas Wish List

  1. Great article! I think instead of asking for a gift certificate for their favorite online diaper supplier, they should ask for one from their local cloth diaper store if one is available! We need to really support small community businesses to keep them operating and our neighbors employed.

    • I agree with shopping locally! Quite often local cloth diaper stores are online, so it’s a good idea to see where your favourite online store is located and try to find one local to you. Supporting local businesses is so important in everything we do!

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