Reusable Nursing Pads

They always feel wet and you go through a thousand of them a day, or it feels that way. They don’t work great for overnight but you don’t know what else to use. Disposable nursing pads are just not comfortable and worse yet, they always show through your clothes. So what is a nursing mama to do?

Bamboobies nursing padsYour baby has a soft cloth bum, now it’s your turn! Reusable and ultra-soft bamboo nursing pads are the way to go. Bamboobies reusable nursing pads are easy to wash out, they dry super quick and they feel as soft as cashmere. Let’s face it, nursing isn’t always the easiest on the girls, but now we carry something that works extremely well and makes life easier too.

Bamboobies are made of ultra-soft bamboo and the daytime ones are in a unique heart shape. What is so great about this shape? With the heart shape, the Bamboobies nursing pad molds perfectly to your breast. No lumps, no bumps and most importantly, no tell-tale lines. Our daytime tester loved how soft and unnoticeable they were, even with form fitting shirts.

For night time, Bamboobies are super absorbent and will get you through the night. They are glamorous and they are quite thick, but when absorbency at night is ultra-important, these are the nursing pads for you. One of our testers stated she was overjoyed with the level of absorbency; she had never had one pair of reusable (or disposable) last all night.

Bamboobies are available in two different sets, one set of three pale pink daytime (heart shaped) pads and one pair of night time or one set of pale pink, dark pink and black daytime pads and one pair of night time. Pick up a set and you’ll quickly know what all the mom’s using them are raving about!


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