Cloth Diapering Opportunities: Part Two

Author: Deanna

You can read Part One here.

Previously, I’ve shared reflections on how our family has worked with some of the challenges and opportunities which can arise when cloth diapering. The fantastic thing about working with these issues is that there really are so few! Of course, everything (babies in general!) comes with a bit of a learning curve and there are always some ‘aha moments’ on the horizon, but overall, wrapping those bottoms in cloth can be one of the more positive points of the parenting experience.

That said, here are a few more points of experience that we’ve come across in our four years (and soon to be three bottoms!) of cloth diapering.


It’s a fact: baby clothes are some of the most adorable pieces of fashion on earth. They’re teeny, they’re detailed, and they allow you to experience a vicarious sense of high fashion in miniature. Unfortunately, too many of the cutesy outfits are made for slim, trim, bottoms—not for the somewhat thicker back-ends of the cloth diapered babe.

So what’s a style-minded parent to do when working with cloth under clothes?

1) If you’re able and willing, try to outfit your kiddo’s wardrobe with outfits that offer a bit more room to move. With certain brands or styles, you may need to look for a larger size. For my gang of exceptionally tall and chunky boys, I’ve learned that adjustable or elastic waists are the way to go, and that you really can find a tailored-look dress pant that isn’t made with a trim button and zipper.

2) If there are certain outfits that seem particularly fitted, opt for a trimmer dipe. Many of the all-in-ones are as trim as a disposable. Or, fill your pocket diapers with some super-absorbers like trim hemp or bamboo inserts that offer high absorbency without bulk.

Creams and Cloth

One other possible challenge that may arise is how to diaper with cloth when using a diaper cream such as when your baby is experiencing a diaper rash or expressing some other need for medication or ointment in the diaper zone. Unfortunately, most commercial diaper creams create a moisture barrier of sorts on the cloth lining. Before you know it, your baby’s bottom is healing but your diapers are leaking! So what to do?

In our home, we’ve settled on one of two solutions:

1)     Apply a ‘cloth friendly’ ointment (there are several available at Little Monkey!)

2)     When the above isn’t an option (such as a prescription cream) use bio-liners with every ointment application.

Keeping these two solutions in mind enables you to wear cloth diapers through any issue or season while promoting the healing of your baby and the continued use of your diaper wardrobe.

Cloth diapers: so much easier than many imagine, so much better than the other options. As we embrace challenges as opportunities, cloth diapering can be celebrated as a positive and beautiful aspect of your parenting experience. Have fun with it!


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