Choosing a Car Seat {guest post}

Choosing a Car Seat: Part One

written by: Kirsten Hastings, CPSE-II

Walking through a baby store and choosing a car seat for your child can be both an exciting and overwhelming event. There are so many choices, so many price points, and so many factors to consider. I am a local Child Passenger Safety Educator (CPSE), and I’d like to offer some tips!

Here are a few key points to remember when choosing a seat for your child:

  • Every seat that you purchase new in store in Canada is 100% safe. Buying the most expensive seat does not mean you are getting a safer seat.  Seats that cost more usually do so because they offer added ease of use features or added comfort with extra padding.
  • The best seat for your child is a seat that fits your child, fits your vehicle, and fits your budget.
  • There are seats designed to fit well in compact cars, and there are seats that are perfect for fitting in tight spots, or to enable three across in a vehicle.  If you are in need of something specific, speak to a CPSE for some insider tips. CPSEs work with many different seats in many different vehicles and can help you find a seat that meets your needs perfectly.

Feel free to contact Kirsten:

Kirsten Hastings, CPSE-II



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