The Ultimate Diaper Stain-Buster: The Sun!

Since the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, our cloth diapers are finally looking white again!  Sunning cloth diapers is a fantastic way to get those stubborn stains out and freshen them up. Here’s how we do it:sunning cloth diapers

  1. You need to start with CLEAN and WET diapers.  Life happens, though and I’m not always prepared to sun my diapers. So, if I notice the sun peeking out from the clouds and my diapers are clean but not wet, I’ll throw them in the washer for a quick rinse and spin or just get them a little damp with a spray bottle and water.
  2. Drying rack, clothesline or towels placed on the ground: it doesn’t matter how you get your diapers outside. You just need to make sure the interior fabric (the stained part) is facing up or towards the sun.
  3. Direct sun is best: you’ll notice some stains will disappear just by having the diapers outside, but you’ll get much better results if you can stick the diapers in direct sunlight.
  4. Leave the diapers out to dry, checking on them occasionally. I usually notice a big difference within an hour. Some diapers may need to stay out for longer to get the stubborn stains out.
  5. Stiff diapers after sunning: you may notice some of your diapers don’t feel as soft drying out in the sun as they usually do coming out of the dryer.  I’ll throw those ones in for a quick spin just to soften a bit.

If you get on a good rotation sticking diapers outside for a few hours during the summer you’ll be wowed at how great they look – and smell, really, there’s nothing like a line-dried diaper! But one thing to remember, don’t get discouraged if some stains linger. Sometimes the more stubborn stains will take a few sunnings to disappear. And sometimes, the stains will never fully go away. But that’s OK. They are diapers after all and they will be pooped in again!

What are your favourite diaper stain-busting techniques?


~Author: Michelle Hughes


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Diaper Stain-Buster: The Sun!

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