An Ode to the Pocket Diaper

When first starting out with cloth diapering, I have to admit – I was scared of pocket diapers. It’s true. To be fair, I had never held one in my hands and I had only seen pictures of them online and heard about this elusive “stuffing” I’d have to do. I imagined myself sitting on the couch for hours on end shoving stuff into these diapers – NO THANK YOU, I thought and I stuck with all-in-ones for my kid’s bum.

Fast-forward a few months and it turned out I have a heavy wetter. All-in-ones weren’t standing a chance at naptime, let alone night time!  After too many sleepless nights having to change a diaper, pajamas and bed sheets, I realized we needed to try something different.

Enter the pocket diaper – I was skeptical at first, given my initial understanding of pockets, but after a couple leak-free nights in a row:  I was a convert – Pocket Diapers are amazing!

Here’s why:

  1. You can stuff, stuff, stuff to your heart’s content. My little guy’s bum is big and fluffy at bedtime, but I know he will stay nice and dry all night long (and therefore sleep all night long!) thanks to the extra absorbent material I’ve put inside.
  2. They are a cinch to clean, since the inner material gets wet and heavy, they shake right out into the wet bag without even having to touch the wet insert. They wash up beautifully thanks to the fact that the insert is totally separate from the diaper.
  3. They are nice and quick to dry too since the pieces are all separate. One spin around the dryer or a little time out on the drying rack and they are good to go.
  4. And as it turns out – stuffing isn’t so bad. I sit down on the couch on laundry day and stuff, line, roll my diapers up and before you know it they are done! Stuffing really takes only seconds!

What I’ve learned is this: It’s important to expand your cloth diapering horizons and not get stuck on one type or even one brand of cloth diaper. Certain diapers may work great around the house, but on the go you may want another solution. You may find, like me, that night time and naptime need a different type of diaper than during the waking hours.  Or perhaps your once beloved perfect snug fit diapers aren’t fitting so well since JR went through a growth spurt.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!


Author: Michelle Hughes


One thought on “An Ode to the Pocket Diaper

  1. Great post! I am a prefold, cover girl and just received some pockets (Fuzzibunz) and am LOVING them! As you say, a little variety is good. Thanks! 🙂

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