To Baby Wear or Not to Baby Wear

To baby wear or not to baby wear. That is a good question. I don’t think I could be a very good mama of two if I didn’t. So I guess the real question is – which carrier to use?

Moby Wrap

Sacha & Marley using their Moby Wrap

With my first, my daughter Harlow, I was a new mama, I wasn’t the all knowing woman I am now, (Haha.) But at that time I had bought a Baby Bjorn Synergy to wear her with. It seemed easy enough and she liked it. But I found that if I wore her for more than an hour the straps would cut into my shoulders and even with the “back support” my lower back would get sore. I couldn’t do things like cook dinner with it for fear that she would kick over something or grab something off the stove. And cleaning house was a pain cause the carrier just wasn’t comfortable. I ended up just wearing her when we would go shopping or out for a walk, though still not for very long.

So I know now how terrible “crotch dangling” baby carriers are, not only how bad they are for the development of their hips and spine but also they don’t have the benefits I feel other carriers offer.

So with my second, my son Marley, I knew better, I got a Moby wrap and I am loving it! It is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of wrapping it. If you’ve never seen a Moby before it’s basically one long piece of stretchy fabric that you tie around your body to hold your baby or toddler. There are a few different ways of wearing – like the hug hold or the hip carry but you basically use the same way to wrap. I am only using the hug old right now cause Marley’s only 4 weeks old and his head isn’t strong enough to hold himself.

What I like about the Moby Wrap is how secure I feel with him in it. I don’t have to keep a hand on him when I’m doing stuff, the fabric holds him tight against my body. I am able to do things like clean house and cook dinner and play with Harlow and he can be right there with me. He likes it cause his head is right next to my heart and he instantly falls asleep. Which is great for when you have a fussy baby or an overtired baby who won’t fall asleep any other way. I also love how I don’t get sore wearing it, the fabric is so soft and it doesn’t cut in at all.

It’s awesome for on the go, small enough to throw in the diaper bag and easy to pop him in when grocery shopping or whatnot. Plus better than worrying about if he’s gonna wake up and scream his face off cause he’s stuck in a carseat!

I also like that I can wear it as well as my husband. So me being 5’3″, 140 lbs and him being 6′ something and about 220 lbs means it’s pretty versatile! It can hold my newborn from 8 lbs and my toddler up to 35 lbs!

Cons? Well I do find he gets pretty warm in there – but I don’t know if everyone’s baby will get warm or just mine cause, like their daddy, they tend to run at a temperature hotter than normal people. Which makes for some very hot nights sleeping in the middle of them! So I just undress him or have him in just a light shirt before I put him in and he’s usually ok. Also I find that the fabric in front does tend to get a bit stretched out, I guess from it being pulled tight around his body. So I either change to a kangaroo carry or throw it in the wash every so often and it tightens the material back up. So both easy fixes!

I have to mention that like with all baby carriers you have to make sure you are doing it safely. Use the TICKS rule for baby wearing. Also make sure that there are no rips, tears or holes in the fabric before you use it every time! You don’t want the carrier falling apart and dropping your baby!

TICKS Rule for Safe Babywearing

Baby wearing is an awesome way to practice attachment parenting, bond with your baby and generally get things done. Moby is one of my favorite wraps and I definitely recommend it to every mama!

Author: Sacha Hammerer


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