Cloth Diapering a Newborn: Part One

You’ve decided you want to cloth diaper, but you’re not sure whether you want to start from day one or perhaps week 8 or so… There are a few different options for you to consider if you decide to cloth diaper your newborn. Here we are going to cover the two simplest and least expensive options: Flats and Prefolds.

Flat DiapersNewborns go through a LOT of diapers. Not to scare the Dads out there, but newborn baby’s are typically changed about every two hours. Yup, every two hours. So that means you need a lot of diapers. The absolute least expensive option? Old fashioned flats and covers. You can buy a ton of them, enough to wash every two days and spend less than $100. Keep in mind though, flats take some work – folding them, pinning them, then throwing a cover over top. A huge plus to flats is that they are 100% customizable (the true one-size diaper in our opinion) and they wash and dry in next to no time at all. If you interested in reading about a mom using flats and what her thoughts are, check out this blog post: Goin’ Old School… Flat Diapers.

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of folding flats, check out prefolds. Prefolds are already folded and sewn with the most Bummis diaper kitabsorbency in the middle, less on the sides. Buying enough for two days – about 24 prefolds – is relatively inexpensive. If you grab a Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit in the infant size, you get everything you need for less than $200. A huge advantage of prefolds is that they can then be used as boosters in other diapers when your baby gets older.

Stay tuned for Part Two: Hybrid and Fitted newborn diapers…


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