Cloth Diapering a Newborn: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Cloth Diapering a Newborn! You can check out Part One and learn all about Flats & Prefolds.

Two other diaper types to consider are fitted and hybrid diapers. Fitted diapers fit just like a regular diaper and usually do not need a Kissaluvs diaperssnappi. However, like a prefold or flat diaper, they will need a waterproof cover. Fitted diapers, such as Kissaluvs, come in super tiny newborn size that fits from 6 pounds and up. They also have a snap down flap in the front for the umbilical cord stump (super important to leave the umbilical cord stump uncovered no matter what diaper you choose).

The advantage of a fitted diaper is that they absorb quite a bit more and are squishy soft. These are perfect for night time when you’re baby is sleeping longer than two hours at a go. Once your baby starts sleeping 8+ hours a night, fitteds and wool covers are a must have for night time diapering. Similar to flats or prefolds, fitted diapers wash up quite well, but can take a bit longer to dry as they are substantially thicker.

Thirsties Duo WrapHybrid diapers are a common diaper style for one size diapers and one brand, Thirsties, makes a hybrid diaper that is small enough for newborns. Hybrids are similar to prefolds as you lay in the inserts, change out the inserts and re-use the cover as long as it’s not soiled. You need about 1 cover for every 3 or 4 inserts, so it cuts down on how much money you are going to spend. With Thirsties, what I love is that you can grab a size one Duo Wrap (which are available in some super cute patterns) and then a few size one Stay Dry Duo Inserts and you are set for a hybrid style of diaper. If you don’t get a chance to do any laundry, or aren’t keen on cloth diapering when you go out, grab a pack of Flip disposable inserts, put one of those in the Thirsties cover, and you’re good to go. Better for the environment than a true disposable diaper. You can also use these covers over any of the other diapers: flats, prefolds or fitteds.

For those of you who want a cloth diaper that is exactly the same as using a disposable diaper, you will want to check out All-in-Ones. Newborn GroVia diapersAIO’s are the closest you get to a disposable diaper, they go on as once piece, they come off as one piece. They are super easy to use, no thinking is required (which is perfect when you’re absolutely exhausted). However, these diapers tend to take quite a long time to dry in comparison to other diaper styles and are quite expensive.

Now if you don’t want to permanently invest in newborn size cloth diapers, but you want to use cloth from day one, then I recommend checking out our Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Kit. You get 24 All-in-One, Pocket, Fitted diapers and covers plus a bag of detergent. Everything you need to cloth diaper your newborn for eight weeks with doing laundry every other day. You can check out the details of our newborn diaper kit on our website.


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