Are you cloth wiping yet?

Cloth wipes cloth wipe solution

When I first started cloth diapering, I had a friend who was using cloth wipes. In the back of my mind I thought, “this girl is nuts, I will use cloth diapers, but I will NEVER use cloth wipes.” Fast forward just 4 months, and I find myself in search of cloth wipes! It just makes sense…so let me explain.

When you use cloth diapers you just throw them in the diaper pail or wet bag right? The same goes for cloth wipes.  Just wipe and toss with the diaper. It is as easy as that. In fact, what is more difficult is using disposable wipes because you have to have a separate bag set up to throw those wipes away. I would know because my husband still uses disposable wipes (but he used cloth diapers so I can’t complain).

So now that I have you convinced *wink* on using cloth wipes, let me give you a few tips about how I store and care for my wipes.

Tips for Using Cloth Wipes

  • You can use actual cloth wipes, baby washcloths, make your own, or use other types of materials/fabrics around the house (preferably cotton, or another type of natural fabric).
  • Store your cloth wipes in an old disposable wipes container, or a wipes warmer.
  • You can store your wipes “accordion style” (how disposable wipes come) by overlapping each wipe by half. You can also roll each wipe up and store them that way too.
  • For a wipes solution you can use water, make your own solution, or buy a pre-made “wipe bit” or solution.
  • The wipes solution can be poured directly over the wipes or it can be placed into a spray bottle and then sprayed directly onto the baby’s bottom or onto each individual wipe.
  • Wash your cloth wipes just as you do your cloth diapers. Throw everything into the washing machine.

I can now officially say that I am a cloth wipes user. They are so much easier and you will save a ton of money. I have even started using cloth wipes on-the-go as well, and it is just as easy. So go for it, take the plunge into cloth wipes, and you may be surprised about just how easy they are!

Do you use cloth wipes? If yes, how do you store your cloth wipes?

What about wipe solutions? What do you use?


Written by Julie of MyCDStash

Bio: Julie is a semi-stay-at-home mom to her handsome son J.T. who is 7 months old and wife to hubby Jered who is a teacher and pastor. J.T. provided her motivation to start Cloth Diapering! Not wanting to expose his little bum to all those chemicals in disposables and not returning to work full time, she was looking for a safe and inexpensive alternative. Cloth Diapering were her answer! Julieconsiders herself an advocate for cloth diapers and with her blog, My ClothDiaper Stash, she hopes to share her passion and help others reap the benefits too.

One thought on “Are you cloth wiping yet?

  1. Yes, I’ve always used cloth wipes. It just made sense – if using cloth diapers is important to me, why use disposable wipes? I don’t use any type of solution, just warm water. I keep my wipes in a stack with my diapers and just run them under the tap when I go to change either of my 2 girls. Simpler, cheaper, and no mold/mildew issues.

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