Overnight Cloth Diapering

It can be very intimidating trying to find an overnight cloth diaper solution when you are first starting out with cloth diapers.  Overnight is not like during the day when you can change Baby as often as you need.  An overnight solution has to withstand HOURSsbish snapless fitted of holding liquid.  Baby K is usually in her overnight diaper no less than 12 hours and sometimes up to 14 hours.  So I need something that is really going to hold and keep her sheets nice and dry 🙂  I have tried a couple different overnight options since I started cloth diapering.  But I have two different styles of diapers and one brand of covers that are my go to, absolutely never leak, fool proof choice.

I have tried pocket diapers with extra inserts but they are just way too bulky.  It looks like poor Baby K is going to float away she has so much junk in her trunk.  I have tried hemp and bamboo and all that other stuff that everyone says works.  It does and I haven’t had a problem with it but it is just too much for her.  So my tried and true diaper for overnight is a fitted with a cover!  And not just any fitted 🙂 My favorite fitted diapers are either the Sustainablebabyish Fitted or the Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted diaper!

Both diapers are fitteds so that the WHOLE diaper, not just the inserts, are absorbent.  It allows the diaper to be able to hold a lot more liquid than a diaper with just an insert alone. I have a Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted and a sized Fitted that holds a ton.  There are mornings that Baby K wakes up and most of the fitted is still dry while the extra boosters are soaked 🙂  Both diapers are wonderful and fool proof in my house.

Now you cannot use a fitted for overnight without something over top to make it waterproof unless you want wet everything 🙂  The only cover I used overnight is the Thirsites Duo Wrap!!!  I love the extra leg gussets that keep EVERYTHING in the diaper and nothing on Baby’s jammies 🙂  I use velcro covers and always have an excellent fit around the waist so that nothing an creep out the top either.

Overall, I love the overnight solution that I have currently!  I works out great for me and the little one and that is what matters!  Hopefully you have an overnight solution that works for you or if not hopefully what works for me might be your solutions also.


Bio:  Amy has been a stay at home mom for over 3 years to 2 adorable little girls.  She is the homeschooling, cloth diapering Mama behind the blog SAH CD Mama.  In her free time she like to hang out with her hubby and her girls!


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