Preventing Diaper Rash

When I first saw red bumps on my son I totally freaked out. These questions were running through my head: How is this rash going to go away? What if it doesn’t go away? I wonder how he got it? Is he in pain?How to prevent diaper rash
So after my first time around with the worst rash of all times, Yeast. I learned a couple tips that I would love to share with you:
1. First and foremost is to keep calm its going to be okay even though you feel hopeless and it hurts to see your little one in pain.
2. Figure out what is causing the rash, whether it’s certain foods to more frequent diaper changes, sometimes even YEAST.
After you have that down then you’ll know how to tackle the mission at hand. Which will make it much easier trying to treat it.
Some of the things I currently do to prevent diaper rash are.
  • Changing diapers more frequently – even though sometimes I know I just changed my sons diaper not to long ago, I still do it just because I know pee can irritate the baby’s bum.
  • Dry the bum – after the diaper changes I make sure my son’s bum is completely dry until I put another diaper on him. Something more to add to this is what I call “ air that booty” its always good to leave your baby without a diaper on a waterproof mat just so that their bums are able to breathe give them a little break.
  • Prevention – use your favourite cream/balm/salve on your baby, if you don’t have a favourite try a few and see which one works best
  • Cloth Diapers or Disposables – cloth diapers are less absorbent which encourages parents to change diapers more frequent as apposed to disposable diapers which are great at trapping moisture causing more frequent diaper rashes. So what do I suggest can you guess? Cloth Diapers all the way baby! That being said i’m not a disposable diaper “Hater” I think that there is a time for them, (ex. If you are experiencing a yeast infection I think you should definitely have your baby in some disposables until it clears up mean while be sure to strip your cloth diapers very well. )
I hope that my tips help you in preventing diaper rash on your little ones, if you have any question please be sure to comment below or email me.
What do you do to prevent diaper rash on your little one(s)?
Pollyanna is the mama behind the blog Sew Fatty!  She’s an awesome cloth diaper advocate and her blog is a valuable resource.She’s also a Navy wife and mama to two beautiful munchkins and expecting another.  Polly loves to sew,photography, clean, cloth diaper, watch movies and spend time with her family.

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