Cloth Diapering Lingo

If you’re just getting started with cloth diapering or have not yet taken the plunge, you’ve probably noticed a lot of new words come up in your reading. We’ve all been there – it can be a little confusing at first! You’re in luck, though – here, we’ve put together a quick Bummis Super Brite Diaper Covercloth diapering vocabulary lesson. Bookmark it, pin it, or otherwise keep it handy and you’ll never have to be confused about cloth diapering terminology again!

Types of Diapers

  1. AIOAll in one diapers. Considered the most dad- and babysitter- friendly type of cloth diaper, they are just as their name suggests – absorbent cloth with a built in waterproof shell. They are used in the same way as disposables, with the exception of where you put them when you’re done!
  2. AI2All in two diapers. These are similar to AIO diapers, except they have snap-in absorbent insert. They have the benefit of a faster drying time, as well as the option to use the cover over multiple diaper changes, since you can often just swap out the insert.
  3. FittedFitted diapers are basically a cloth version of a disposable diaper. The difference between fitteds and AIOs is that fitteds are not waterproof and need to be used with a waterproof diaper cover.
  4. Flat – The original cloth diaper, flats are simply a rectangle of material that you can fold in various ways and secure on baby with diaper pins or a snappi. Flats are incredibly cheap and easy to clean.
  5. HybridHybrids are a type of AI2 diaper that can be used with disposable inserts, making them a convenient option for use on-the-go.
  6. PocketPocket diapers consist of a shell with a pocket where you can insert absorbent inserts. You can use multiple inserts for heavy wetters or overnight, and take them apart for thorough washing and a faster drying time.
  7. PrefoldPrefold diapers are similar to flats – the difference is that they are already folded and sewn into place, so they’re a bit quicker to use. Like flats, they are very inexpensive, easy to keep clean and quick to dry.


  1. CoverDiaper covers are waterproof shells that are used with flats, fitteds, and prefolds types of diapers.
  2. DoublerDoublers are simply inserts that you can use with other diapers to make them more absorbent.
  3. Hook & Loop – Hook and loop is the generic term for what many of us usually call “Velcro.” Many cloth diaper companies also use Aplix brand hook and loop as well.
  4. Snappi – An alternative to diaper pins, snappis are used to hold prefold and flat diapers in place.
  5. Sprayer – A diaper sprayer attaches to your toilet to make cleaning messy diapers more convenient.
  6. One-SizeOne-size diapers and diaper covers fit babies from the newborn stage all the way up to toddlerhood by using a snap system that allows you to adjust the fit.
  7. Wet Bag – A waterproof, leak-proof bag that you can use while you’re on the go to hold dirty or wet diapers without messing up your diaper bag. They can be washed right along with your load of diapers.

Misc. Terms

  1. Stripping – Removing buildup from cloth diapers by washing with bleach, dish detergent, and/or other solutions and repeatedly rinsing with hot water.
  2. Sunning – Hanging clean, wet diapers in direct sunlight to remove stains and odors.

This ends today’s lesson in cloth diapering terminology! Please feel free to leave a comment if there’s any other unknown term you’ve come across – we’d love to help you out!


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