10 Reasons to Use Cloth Diapers

You probably already have a couple of reasons for using cloth in mind, but there might even be some reasons you haven’t considered yet. Here are 10 reasons to use cloth diapers:

  1. Go green. One of the first reasons that comes to mind for many is the sustainability of cloth diapers. You can eliminate a lot of waste by ditching disposables.
  2. Save money. In the same token, natural resources aren’t the only area you’ll waste less – you’ll also save a lot of money, too! Starting a stash is an initial investment, but it’s one that pays for itself rather quickly.
  3. Let’s face it… they’re cute! Cloth diapers come in all kinds of colors, styles, and patterns that are so much more adorable than disposable diapers.
  4. More comfortable for baby. It’s no surprise that cloth feels much better against the skin than their scratchier, papery disposable counterparts.
  5. Reduce toxins. Most disposable diapers contain nasty chemicals that aren’t great for baby. The main culprit is sodium polyacrylate, the absorbent gel used in disposables which is linked to toxic shock syndrome. Other synthetic ingredients in disposable diapers are linked to hormonal imbalance, skin rashes, allergies and cancer.
  6. More options. Babies come in all shapes and sizes – diapers should too! Cloth diapering gives you a lot more options for finding a good fit for your unique little one.
  7. Never run out of diapers! Nobody likes to make that midnight dash to the store to pick up a package of diapers. When you’ve got a good stash of cloth on hand, it’s not an issue.
  8. Potty train sooner. Many moms swear that their cloth diapered kiddos catch onto potty training more quickly since they can feel when they’re wet more easily and start to understand their own bodies’ “potty cues.”
  9. Less diaper rash. Many mamas report that their babies suffer less from diaper rash when they are in cloth.
  10. It’s just plain fun! To be honest, shopping for cloth diapers can be pretty addicting! You can’t really say the same for picking up a package of Huggies on your grocery run…

Whether you first looked into cloth diapers to save money or to reduce your carbon footprint, there’s no reason not to savor all of the awesome benefits of choosing cloth. What was your main focus when you decided to use cloth diapers?


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Use Cloth Diapers

  1. I agree as well! However, in my experience (and lots of mamas can attest to this as well) cloth may start out being less expensive than ‘sposies, but ends up costing WAAAAAY more once you get hooked!! (Not saying it’s a bad thing…I love my stash 🙂 )

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