Clek foonf car seat.. What’s not to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE?!?!

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It’s no secret to my family and friends that I despise driving! Frankly, I’m not terrible at it, but I’m certainly not the best! I have my two precious littles in the back seat and I want to be as careful as I can possibly be! That being said, and as hard as I have tried to drive safely, I am constantly surrounded by people who are not paying attention to the road, or are too ignorant or arrogant to be careful. As a result, my car has been hit three times in the last year – all of which were not my fault.

As parents it’s our job to ensure our children’s safety. We often make purchases and trust that the brands we choose are safe for our child use or are going to help keep them safe. It has always baffled myself, and my mom friends alike that the child and infant seats most commonly sold in nearby stores are so flimsy. I’m not a strong momma, and I could easily bend and manipulate my daughter, and son’s bucket and booster seats. I don’t know about you, but trusting the lives and safety of my children to flimsy plastic just won’t do. And so, in steps the Foonf by Clek.

After initially learning about the Foonf from our family’s most trusted retailer for our natural needs, I was awestruck. The features of the seat were spectacular to me. I was impressed by the rigid sub-structure most of all – no flimsy plastic here! Not to mention the energy-absorbing foam layers, anti-rebound bar and, wait for it, the extended rear-facing installation! The REACT (rapid energy absorbing crumple technology) system is just another selling-feature on this amazing seat. And did I mention the retailer is Canadian!? Oh, this momma could go on and on!

But how to convince my husband that we needed this seat? Of course, he too wants the very best for our children, but the price tag is expensive. To my surprise, all it took was showing him the handy dandy informative video from Clek! Being the man of steel that he is, he was blown away by the steel frame and thus, sold! I quickly contacted Melody from ANB Inspired Beginnings (All Natural Babies) and put our order in. To both mine and Melody’s delight the seat was made and shipped quickly! As fate would have it, car accident number three happened and later that very same day our new seat arrived!

I quickly met up with Melody the day after our Foonf by Clek arrived – my husband and I were eager to install it. As soon as we got it home we unboxed it. Being the pink loving mommy that I am, I was delighted by just how vibrant and pink our Snowberry seat was. The quality was nothing short of perfect! It was heavy and solid, no frame twisting here! Hubby and I sat on our dining room floor and set all the pieces out – this is where you need to take a deep breath, have a little patience, and maybe a laptop. We read the instructions and carefully followed each one. Everything went smoothly until having to install the anti-rebound bar. We tried and tried but it was just not going into the appropriate slot.

Thank goodness for YouTube! Clearly Clek understood that customers would need a little guidance and direction, and so they made a convenient little video. Although the video is great and clear, hubby believes they need to relay that the seat needs to be fully reclined before being laid on its back a little better. If the seat isn’t fully reclined you will not get that bar into the slot – it’s hard enough to do as it is. We should also stress here that pinching down the tabs on the anti-rebound bar as you guide it into the slot helps a lot! Have two sets of hands and ensure you are working as a team and sliding the bar into place evenly. It won’t go in all the way otherwise.

Finally we took our Foonf to our little car (a 2003 Saturn Ion) to be installed. This is where I got nervous! My car is little and was cramped as it was with our baby’s bucket seat – never mind the Foonf – which we assumed was bigger. Not a problem however! In fact, the foonf seat is only 43 cm in width (17 inches)!! This means that 3 seats will fit across most seats, even in a compact car like mine! Installation went great, was smooth, and best of all, our daughter loves the seat!

Ensure you know how to properly install your car-seat! You just paid a good chunk of change for this beauty, but it requires just as much care and attention when being installed in the rear facing position, as any other seat in order to perform at its peak. Forward facing is much easier though as it is a rigid latch installation system, which means that you literally just click it into place and secure the tether strap!

At the end of the day, there is even more space for our front passenger seat to be pushed further back than there was with the bucket seat we had, and the slimmer design than most seats offer, allowed for more space for an additional car seat to be placed in our car in the event that we should need to transport a third child – that’s three car seats in our little car with no squishing! All this while still allowing our daughter plenty of space to grow with the seat and be comfy rear facing up to 18 kilograms (40 pounds) with a maximum height of 110cm (43 inches)! Forward facing this seat will accommodate a child between 76-124 cm (30-49 inches) in height and 10-29.5 kilograms (22-65 pounds).

We love our Foonf by Clek so much that we ordered the Oobr backed booster for our son (of course in Paul Frank style for our little “Monkey”). It is totally worth the cash, supports our local economy, are an excellent quality and SAFE! I will never put my children in any other seat again and we are excitedly waiting for our second seat. Great job Clek!

For more information on ordering a Clek car seat or booster seat, contact Melody at ANB Inspired Beginnings (All Natural Babies)!! I highly recommend this seat.

Juelle Huston, mom to two amazing littles!
Guest Blogger, Mompreneur 🙂


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