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The Snot Sucker!

The Original Snot Sucker
Nasal Aspirator

By guest blogger:  Rachelle G.

Before I was a mother, I never would have imagined that someday I might suck snot out of another human’s nose. However, motherhood surprises me almost daily and here I am sitting on the floor hovering over my cranky baby sucking away. 


I know it sounds kind of gross, but it is definitely worth it. With our first baby my husband and I would spend hours awake trying to clear her nose with one of those bulb aspirators. On the rare occasion we could get a little out after using saline and she’d sleep a little more only to wake up unable to breathe. With the Nosefrida, we get loads of snot out of our sweet little babe and she will usually sleep soundly after. 

The Nosefrida is also easier to clean, unlike the bulb aspirator that often has a build-up of mold and bacteria inside of it!  Check out the picture below.  Would you want to use this nasal bulb aspirator on your little one?  Cleaning it completely is difficult and poses huge issues.  


The Nosefrida is very easy to clean completely and with confidence! Click to watch the Nosefrida, the Snot Sucker video.

Nosefrida 4

Don’t worry, its not really as gross as it sounds. There is a filter between your mouth and the snot, as well as a foot long tube, so there’s really no way any snot can make it all the way up to your mouth. And the sound of your baby breathing unhindered by mountains of boogers makes the whole experience worth it. 


*Disclaimer* No, my baby does not enjoy the snot sucking process. She usually cries and struggles to break free but when we are done she breathes deep and continues on, happy as can be, breathing more easily. Again, it’s totally worth it.

With flu season upon us, be sure to click here to get your Nosefrida, the Original Snot Sucker! to bring relief to your little ones when they are stuffed up!

Rachelle G.
Mama of 2 beautiful daughters!