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Reducing Plastics in Day to Day Living…

We all know that plastics have been causing problems for our health and the health of our planet.  What can we do day to day to reduce the use of plastics?  Sure, we can recycle, and that is wonderful, but did you know that a great deal of the recycling ends up in landfill and much of it ends up in waterways and the oceans.  It is estimated that over 8 billion tons of plastic have been produced in the past years, and that plastic takes anywhere from 500-1000 years to begin to biodegrade.

Click on the link below to read about the impact of plastics on the Pacific Ocean:

Pacific plastic dump far larger than feared: study

This study tells us of how critical the plastics in our oceans has become.  Take a few minutes to read through it and see how catastrophic this will continue to be for our environment.  Try visualizing that it now stretches 1.6 million square kilometres and, they warn, it’s growing.  I cannot even begin to picture this vast quantity!

At Little Monkey Store we are constantly looking for ways to cut down on the use, or shall we call it convenience abuse, of plastics.  Plastics have become a way of life due to how convenient it is, but the long term effects are devastating to our bodies and our earth.

Reducing the use of plastic bottles is simple by investing in reusable water bottles.  Here are some of our options:

  1.  Reusable water bottles to replace one time use plastic bottles  
    • Did you know that in Canada there are approximately 2.4 billion liters of water sold in 2013 and each year it is approximated that there is an increase in water sales.  This stat for 2013 means that 68 liters of water per person in Canada was purchased.  Imagine not only the issue of disposal of these bottles, but the cost to the consumer.  
    • Of all one time use water bottles purchased, it is estimated that over half never reach the recycling depots.
    • The cost to individuals for one time use bottles accumulates quickly and there would be huge money savings if people purchased reusable water bottles, such as our Eco Vessel Stainless Steel Water Bottle .  There are a few different sizes and styles available.Best-reusable-water-bottles-Eco-Vessel-Summit
    • How about for the younger people in your family?  Well we happen to have the Drink in the Box reusable drink boxes!  These are durable and replace the use of one time juice or milk containers!  These are a win-win for sure.  I love to put fruit into my children’s water so they get fruit infused “juice”! infusing berries
  2. Stainless steel straws and silicone straws to replace one time plastic disposable straws.
    • Straws seem like such an insignificant thing to target when looking at reducing, but watch the line ups in fast food restaurants and consider how many straws they dispose of daily.
    • It is estimated that 1 billion plastic straws are used and tossed in the trash daily in the USA.
    • What are some of your options?  At Little Monkey Store we have 2 options that we love!
  3. Reusable Travel Coffee Cup to replace disposable cups from your favorite coffee shop!
    • In Canada it is estimated that there are over 14 billion cups of coffee consumed daily.  Of those almost half are served in one time use cups that are plastic coated and have plastic lids.  Picture that!  Eeek!At Little Monkey Store we carry two options to reduce disposable cups
      • Joco glass travel mug with silicone lid and a silicone wrap so you can hold your cup comfortably!  These are available in an assortment of colours and come in two sizes.  I love this for my tea!JOCO_OTWAYS_LR_12oz_3
      • Eco Vessel screw top container is stainless steel, insulated, and keeps hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 36 hours!  These are one of my all time favourite for on the go!  Each comes with a tea strainer!CAP500-Group-No-Background
  4. Cloth diapers!  Of course this one is obvious as disposable diapers are a HUGE contributor to the plastics issue!  At Little Monkey Store we have a great selection of cloth diapers for every budget, desired styles, and of course a great selection of prints!  Did you know you can even get reusable swim diapers?  How about reusable night time pull on style trainers?  Yes, we’ve got your little one’s bum covered!  We also offer Two Week Cloth Diaper Trial for those wanting to try before they buy!  And for newborns we offer our well known 8 Week Cloth Diaper Rental Program.   This allows families to “stop gap” the period when their newborn doesn’t quite fit into the “One-Size” diapers yet!floribunda
  5. Reusable snack pouches instead of the one time use snack pouches that have plastic lids!  The larger size of these are designed for older children and adults and are the perfect size for taking a smoothie on the go!  Imagine your savings and eco-impact when you use this container!
    • Easy Peasy Reusable Snack Containers are super easy to fill, use and clean.  Imagine that savings in money and waste that you will create when you change to using these!  These turn completely inside out to ensure they are 100% clean and there are no concerns with mold!  These come with a little inset that allows you to use these for thinner liquids  (water, juice, milk etc) or thicker consistencies (yogurt, applesauce, purees, smoothies, etc).  Available in three convenient sizes to ensure that everyone in your family has one!Squeasy-Gear_Easy-Feeding-1080x675
  6. No more zip style baggies!  At Little Monkey Store we offer reusable snack bags and reusable sandwich sized bags!  These come in a variety of prints and colours sure to delight everyone in your family! 

            Lg BreezeSm Strong and Free

7.  Reusable menstrual products for women!  

  • At Little Monkey Store we have a variety of reusable menstrual products that help to eliminate contact of plastic with our bodies, which research has shown to cause endocrine disruption.  We have reusable menstrual pads in a variety of sizes and abosorbencies, reusable menstrual cups, and reusable menstrual sponges.Mulsin Bag with Sea Sponges copy

With all of these ideas in mind, let’s all start taking small steps toward eliminating the use of one time plastic items that are harming not only our oceans and waterways, but ourselves and all creatures on earth!  If each person chose one item per month to eliminate from their day to day practice and replace with a reusable option, imagine the impact we could make!

We would love to help you out with making the change!  We are offering 10% off of the first 20 orders received from our customers when using this code:  reduceplastics2018  .  Orders to be placed on our website:

PLEASE NOTE:  some restrictions apply, please inquire if you have questions.  Discount available for Canadian customers only.  Discount code limited to one use per household.  Your order must have at least one product that replaces a plastic one time use item to qualify for this discount.

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The Snot Sucker!

The Original Snot Sucker
Nasal Aspirator

By guest blogger:  Rachelle G.

Before I was a mother, I never would have imagined that someday I might suck snot out of another human’s nose. However, motherhood surprises me almost daily and here I am sitting on the floor hovering over my cranky baby sucking away. 


I know it sounds kind of gross, but it is definitely worth it. With our first baby my husband and I would spend hours awake trying to clear her nose with one of those bulb aspirators. On the rare occasion we could get a little out after using saline and she’d sleep a little more only to wake up unable to breathe. With the Nosefrida, we get loads of snot out of our sweet little babe and she will usually sleep soundly after. 

The Nosefrida is also easier to clean, unlike the bulb aspirator that often has a build-up of mold and bacteria inside of it!  Check out the picture below.  Would you want to use this nasal bulb aspirator on your little one?  Cleaning it completely is difficult and poses huge issues.  


The Nosefrida is very easy to clean completely and with confidence! Click to watch the Nosefrida, the Snot Sucker video.

Nosefrida 4

Don’t worry, its not really as gross as it sounds. There is a filter between your mouth and the snot, as well as a foot long tube, so there’s really no way any snot can make it all the way up to your mouth. And the sound of your baby breathing unhindered by mountains of boogers makes the whole experience worth it. 


*Disclaimer* No, my baby does not enjoy the snot sucking process. She usually cries and struggles to break free but when we are done she breathes deep and continues on, happy as can be, breathing more easily. Again, it’s totally worth it.

With flu season upon us, be sure to click here to get your Nosefrida, the Original Snot Sucker! to bring relief to your little ones when they are stuffed up!

Rachelle G.
Mama of 2 beautiful daughters!

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The Ultimate Snack Cup!

 Munchie Mug

I am sure you have all tried one snack cup or another. You know, the ones with the plastic lids cut into funny shapes that supposedly keep the treats contained while still allowing your child to reach in and snack independently. And I’m sure you loved them. For a week. Then your smarty-pants kid figured out that if you shake it, all the treats come out at once leaving you with the sick realization that your house will never be clean again. 

I’ve been there. With a daughter that loves to snack I was constantly battling between a clean home and a happy kid. With the crunch of cereal beneath my feet I carried on using the snack cup that was gifted to me, thinking that they were all the same; no one kind could truly be any better than the rest could it? Then I found the Munchie Mug!

children slider

This one-of-a-kind snack cup beats all other snack cups because, instead of plastic, it uses a stretchy fabric to cover the opening making it 100% spill proof no matter how hard you shake it. The fabric overlaps in the middle making a slit opening for your little one to gently slide their hand in and out without the chance of their skin getting pulled or pinched. The handle, though useless to an adult, is the perfect size and shape for little hands to grip.    

blog image

I am totally blown away by this snack cup. I love that it’s easy to clean and even top rack dishwasher safe! I love that my daughter can carry it around the house, sit in her car seat, or ride in the cart at the store with it and I don’t have to worry about her making a huge mess. And I love that it comes with a sealable lid so I can close it up tight if I don’t want her into it. Now I just have to teach her that it’s not ok to drop handfuls of puffed wheat and raisins all over the back of grandpa’s car… Wish me luck.

Then Munchie Mug is available in 2 sizes:  12 ounce and 16 ounce.  Click here to shop for the Munchie Mug , now available online at Little Monkey Store.  These are made in USA, which is an added bonus!

Blog post written by:
Rachelle Grauwiler
Mom to two beautiful girls!

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Smiling with GreenPaxx Slim Snack Packs

My son, aka the curly haired “little monkey”, LOVES snacking.  He seems to have a never-ending insatiable appetite!  As a family that is aiming to have zero waste in our home, I found it frustrating that so many of his favorite snacks were prepackaged, one time use snacks.  You know the kind!  The kind he would see in his classmates’ lunches at school.  Things like yogurt in a plastic filled tube. One of our other goals is to try to eat healthier, and eliminate prepackaged foods that are filled with preservatives and other additives.  SIGH.  

No, no, no I will NOT cave into this trend just to make him happy!  I knew there had to be other options out there that would make him happy and keep the mama bear happy too!  While on the hunt I came across a few other other options, but nothing that I totally loved!  If you have been a customer for a while, you know that at Little Monkey Store we work very hard to ensure that the products we bring in are not only appealing, but are good enough for our own family!!  So, we look for EXCELLENCE.  Needless to say, I kept looking… 

THEN…  Along came the GreenPaxx Reusable Slim Snack Packs!!  These silicone snack packs were literally a game changer, as now my son could have the snacks he loved with ZERO waste, at a fraction of the cost of the one time prepackaged tubes!  And I could have the happiness of knowing that I was saving money and cutting back on waste while filling his silicone snack pack with HEALTHY options!  I mean, who doesn’t love to save money?  And BONUS… reducing waste!  And even better yet, knowing all of the ingredients going into his yogurt snack pack!  Definitely a win-win all around.  

IMG_7395 IMG_7397

But the best part doesn’t end there!  These silicone snack packs can be used for so many other purposes!  Just freeze up the yogurt fruit blend and you have lovely, nutritious push up popsicles! I love that these lids are snug, creating a leakproof fit!

There is nothing nicer on a hot summer day than a healthy frozen snack to help you or your child cool off, knowing that it is filled with nutritious ingredients.  The ones that my son is eating in the picture above, are unsweetened Greek yogurt and crushed fruit.  That’s it, no other ingredients.  I just tossed some strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and banana into the blender using pulse to be sure to keep it a bit chunky.  Then I stirred that mixture into the yogurt, spooned it into the Slim Snack Packs and then froze it!  How simple is that?  I have also used leftover smoothies to freeze to make ice pops for the kids!  Again, this helps to ensure there is no waste!  

popsicle molds wild

Here are more great uses for your GreenPaxx Reusable Slim Snack Packs .  Speaking of other uses, my son loves seeds, raisins, nuts, saw this picture and insisted I slice carrots this thin for him, and the list goes on.  I am sure that if it is left to him that he will find all sorts of creative snacks to put into his snack packs!  He truly loves them.  His smile says it all!  He can be seen in the car, in the yard, up the tree (as in the picture), in the house, almost everywhere with one of these great snack packs in hand!

SUPER easy to clean!  Just set them in the top shelf of the dishwasher!  Or you can hand wash, using a Reusable Straw Brush to get into the corners of the silicone pouch!  

I give these a solid 9.5 out of 10!  I would give it a 10 out of 10, but my son does need a little bit of help to get the attached lid opened.  Maybe that is a good thing!  If you would like to add these to your arsenal of reusable snack containers and start saving money while leaving a lighter eco-footprint, click here.

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The Supermom Supreme Routine

The Supermom Supreme Routine

By: Robin Medland, Super Mom by nature Holistic Nutritionist by education
(updated with new info by Melody Baird)

Neige and Pippa are two sisters who have created the ultimate necessity to your mama routine, naturally! Obviously they have called this product ROUTINE. If you haven’t added this product to your daily routine you are probably not smelling nor deodorizing to your mom’ing max’ability. Their product lets you mom like a lumberjack, not smell like one.

Let’s start by facing the facts: The products are created with clay or beeswax or clay and beeswax. There is also baking soda free versions, which use magnesium, for sensitive skin. The newest product added to this line is Superstar which has activated charcoal, magnesium, and a small amount of baking soda in it. This is a great one for super stink, but gentle for sensitive skin.

The howling wolf informs consumers the product is formulated with both clay and bees wax. The intoxicating scents include: Like a Boss (strongest formula), Sweet Jane, Napoleon’s Dynamite, Bonita Applebom, and A Girl Named Sue.

This beautiful bird lets consumers know this line of deodorant is created only with clay making it a completely vegan formula. The intoxicating scents include: Sexy Sadie, Johnny’s Cash, and Lucy in the Sky.

This buzzing bee obviously represents formulas created with beeswax. It may not be vegan but the buzz is that it is local and Alberta’s best beeswax. The intoxicating sents include: Blackberry Betty and Maggie’s Citrus Farm and for you scent’sitive bugs…….The scent free Bonnie and Clyde.

As a woman who has been athletically involved her entire life chasing no ball could have prepared me for the smell, sweat and tears of pregnancy and then motherhood, oh and the smelliest time of my life BREASTFEEDING. Personally that was fifteen long months of dripping the smelliest of all mother sweats. Every time that beautiful little baby cried and I scurried to undress to nurture…… the water works was on…..and most of the time I wasn’t crying. I tried and tested and even made my own deodorant, nothing was cutting my mustard. I even veered back into the world of ANTIPERSPRENT (gasp) nothing could cut my new mommy stank! Then, I came accross Routine Deodorant Cream and I noticed it was made in Calgary! My two loves, handmade and local!

Could it be a match made in heaven for me? I must admit the almost $30 price tag made me a bit nervous. Not only did it cut the mustard, that almost $30 jar lasted me four sweaty breastfeeding super mom’ing months! Worth every stinkin’ penny! I was in love, an all natural product that is local and handcrafted! What more could you ask for in your routine?! If you haven’t already you need to add Routine Deodorant Cream to your super’moming routine. There isn’t a scent I don’t love, but my first love is Sexy Sadie and for all you pregnant or breastfeeding mom’s avoiding essential oils Blackberry Betty, Sweet Jane and Bonnie n Clyde (unscented) were formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as they contain no essential oils.

I give this product a solid 9.5/10 as my very minor con would be the essential oil can very slightly stain your shirt if you do not allow the product to dry after application if it comes in contact with your clothing.

Routine is in stock at